Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
Boy Trees

Year 6

Term 1 has been very busy for Primary 6 who have been involved in the Trail Blazers Shared Education Project. This has been through ICT and the children have already had the opportunity to develop a Virtual Reality world and build a digital game using the Sketch Nation app on the ipad. Each pupil has had to plan, develop, edit and produce their final piece of work all in the space of 4 lessons. They have learned amazing skills and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. As well as our Trail Blazers project, P6 are also developing a program using the Scratch software in ICT enhancing their knowledge of how to ‘broadcast’ a conversation between to sprites.

In numeracy, we have been developing our knowledge of 3D shapes and how to make them, tessellation (how 2D shapes fit together) and a wide range of number skills including fractions, decimals and percentages. We have also been using the Isaq 9 resources to enhance our problem solving.

Our writing in literacy has focused on report writing and progressing our knowledge of how to write a report. We used our theme of Vikings as the basis of our report and each pupil had to plan, write, edit and produce a word document of their report.

PDMU has focused on friendship and how we can help others in our class. We are also working on how to stay safe on the roads during the darker evenings.

Our Vikings topic in World Around Us has led the children back in time to learn all about Viking lives and how they travelled.

P6 & Mrs McAlister

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Viking art work
Viking Art work
Izak 9
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Trailblazer work