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Year 5S

We have had lots of fun learning about the Egyptians in Term 1. From the jobs they did to how they travelled, dressed and lived. Some of the work in this topic was carried out with our friends from Camphill Primary School. We have made Egyptian collars and cuffs, Canopic jars and Pharaoh’s headdresses - we always enjoy welcoming Camphill to our school and taking a little trip to theirs! Our next Shared Education meeting is on the 17th December when we travel with them to the Ulster Museum. We can’t wait to meet a real Egyptian mummy!

As part of our Shared Education we have been using the Izak 9 cubes to extend and reinforce our mathematics skills. We have also measured how far our Egyptian reed boat travelled on our very own River Nile. We began ‘Number of the Day’ which is a great way of reinforcing and practicing all the number work we have been learning about.

In Literacy we have researched the types of job an ancient Egyptian would have had. We used our non-fiction library books and the internet to take notes, plan and write a report on ancient Egyptian jobs.

In November we have been remembering people who have passed away. The children have written the person they would like to remember’s name on a special cross and placed it in our Primary 5 holy space. This has made a lovely and colourful way to remember these special people.

We have been practicing our coding skills in ICT using the Scratch programme. The children have drawn their own Scarab Beetle and will be programming it to draw 2D shapes. This has incorporated learning about shapes, angles and lines.

Through our growing club we have put our recycled tractor tyre planters in place and all the little bulbs we planted are waiting for the Spring to come…we are waiting patiently to see them grow!

We have had a very busy, active and fun Term 1 and we really look forward to what Term 2 and 2020 has in store!

Primary 5, Mrs Sharkey and Mr McKenna.

Our Canopic jars
The Egyptian Crew
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Coding in practise
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