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Primary 7 Visit The Ulster American Folk Park

21st November 2022


Primary 7 enjoyed a visit to The Ulster American Folk Park to give some reality to their learning of The Irish Famine.

After visiting a third-class house, they had a better understanding of the living conditions for the majority of families in Ireland in the 1800s. The children also got to experience the pungent smell that lingered in the air when the potato blight struck.

Emigrating to America was a last hope for some and as the children boarded the 'Brig Union' they soon realised just how horrific the conditions on board the ship would have been for the families that made this journey.

We gathered together in the Folk Park classroom and decided on a word or phrase that summarised the Famine story for us...we agreed on 'I WONDER...'. We felt this would have been a widespread phrase that the Irish people might have used from the beginning to the end of The Irish Famine.

I wonder...

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