Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
Boy Trees

May Gold Mathletics Awards

2nd June 2023


Congratulations to all our Gold Mathletics winners in the month of May. Keep working hard in our final month. This is your last chance to get a gold award before the end of this school year.😁

7952920 F 3964 4 Fcd 9563 9 D779 B1 F8 B2 E
5 Be41320 A5 E6 4 F67 8 C9 D 7331 A1 B23 C4 E
71774 Fe4 121 B 4 Dda Ad7 F Eed0672 Ba1 Da
Fefce1 Ce 677 F 4726 B45 B F8 C3 Ee7 Cbeb7
C6 Ec2293 74 D4 4359 A360 92 Be2 F2 Ec71 D
3 C0 E8238 4 D4 D 42 Df 8 Ad6 5 C06 C8 B5644 C
B630 C858 Bb7 F 4707 B04 D 109530 A062 F7

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