Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
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International Furnace Festival in Glenravel

7th June 2024


Primary 6 visited the International Furnace Festival, being staged this year in Glenravel. The children got an opportunity to learn about Glenravel’s past and its iron ore mining heritage.

At the festival site the children were guided around the exhibition, with the opportunity to view the smelting and smithing set ups; as well as the open air museum display.

This was followed by a tour of sites associated with iron ore along Skerry Road East, including the large stone furnace at the bottom of Newtowncrommelin village on Craigdunloof Road; a closed mine entrance; the line of the tram way / railway; spoil heaps; before finally, stopping to fish for ore in the stream (which we all loved!).

Thank-you to Tenth Glen Heritage Farms and the International Furnace Festival for their support in helping our pupils connect to their past.

Enjoy the photos.

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